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Crazy Chicken Atlantis is an action installment that released for Microsoft windows. This is really an amazing installment and included many stages and these stages will be very tough because you will need to pass every stage in limited time. Crazy chicken Atlantis game free download also has completed version and this installment do not have high requirements.
Give you the way
 You can see that screen hot and this is a small installment, but this is really awesome and you can take idea  from this screen shot and now I will also play that installment on my PC and I hope you will also like this product and this is not a new installment, but it has high graphics.
 This is the screen shot of another stage you can see a guy, which is killing an old man and you will see many coins inside that version and you will need to pick up these coins and they are used to increasing your strength.
Collection coins
You can play it on Windows XP and many other products of Microsoft windows and you can also get Android app from Google store, but this blog will just provide computer games and if you want more information related to that installment, then you can also join forums and many guys will  give you information.

System requirements

Pentium 3
Ram = 118 MB
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7+windows 8 (32 and 64 bits)
Direct X 11
Hard Disk Space = 650 MB

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