Cover photo of this installment
Rubber Ninjas is a small game and it was released for computer windows. You can play download rubber ninjas game on many others operating system. This installment was especially introduced for kids because it is a small version so, many kids enjoy it. You cannot get more information about this installment on Wikipedia because it has no special information that's why they have not posted its information as yet.

Screen shots of Rubber Ninjas

A user is playing this version with toys
 I have not played rubber ninjas full game download so, I have no special idea about this version. You can also enjoy it on android and Mac operating system and you can get this app from Google store. You can get information from its publisher and developer site.
Toys Collection
There are many toys inside the screen shot of download rubber ninjas full version free mac, but I have no idea how to play with them. A user can also play this installment online because it has not high space. You can get this installment torrent file, but it has less space so, you can easily get it via internet download manager link.

System requirements

Pentium 2
Ram = 128 MB
Graphics Card = 12 MB Maximum
Hard Disk Space = 50 MB
Windows Xp, Vista, Windows 7+8, 8.1

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