Disqus Commenting System to Blogger
Disqus is aslo a good commenting system and if you want to add this widget in your Blogger Blog then follow these steps.
Step 1! Sign Up in Disqus Website or if you have already an account then you will not need to register it again.
Step 2! Login in  then click on add disqus to site Button then you will this type of options in new Windows
 Here you will need to give your site Name and they will automatically fill  2nd option after it You will need to choose a category like Games, Videos, Softwares and many others.
now get short-name of your site from disqus
Step 3! Now login into your Blogger Blog Dashboard then click on Layout.
Step 4! Click on Edit Posts Option as you see in below picture.
Step 5! Now replace Blogger with Disqus and if you cannot understand this then see below image

Now you will see the picture in which i will replace blogger with disqus.

You will need to write all letters in small mean you will write all letters of disqus and if will write D in large alphabat then you will not enjoy this.
Step 5! Click on save then you will see this type of commenting in your blog comments area.
Now Click on Template option after it click on edit/HTML
then find disqus short-name in your template as you can see in below picture.
then click on save template after it You will show your Disqus id on blog commenting system.
Thats it.
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