Mario Forever 4 PC Game
Mario Forever 4 is a Small game which is made for PC(Personal Computer).It is a Video game which is free.You can easily download it fro this website.Mario Forever is a small gaming series and This is 4 version that's why It is known as Mario Forever 4.It is the latest product of its series.It is old and too small installment.This product does not support Double-Player because There is one player inside the product.It is like a Hen.It run very fast.There are many box are available inside the version.Some are open and some are close.In open boxes we will need to go inside the boxes then we can get more coins which are very helpful for us because If we will get more then We will get a new chance.There is many things inside the product.One of these is used to make our player large and when we will touch our enemy then this facility will be removed and our player will make small like when this version start.There is a Options button is also available there which We can config our Keybard.You can also Quit from this product application.If I will click on Quit then I will again come on Windows.In the end of Every Stage.We will need to do a high jump and there is a flag also available there if we will make high jump then we will get more coins.It is like a Bonus Stage.If you have a PC then it will work because its requirement is very low.You will face many complected stages.The final stage of this version is very hard.You will need to install winrar to its Rar Extention.This porduct does not need high graphics card.This installment is available to play online and if you are interested to enjoy it online then click here.In the start if the installment You will need to choose a Box.There will be 3 boxes inside the product.Is depend on you That What Box You want to Choose. 

System Requirements!
  • Pentium 2
  • Ram 64MB
  • VGA Card 4MB
  • VGA Card 4MB
  • Windows XP,Vista,7,8

Password= fullygames4u

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