Tiny Toon PC Game
Tiny Toon is a Small product which is made for PC.It is fully free.It is a Sega version.It is a low requirement product.It is the most popular installment.This product supports one player.It will work on 16-bit operating system such as Windows XP and if you will choose 32.bit on your computer Windows then it will not work.There are two rats are inside the installment.First rat name is Tiny and 2nd rat name is Toon but I don't know why the Tiny is not available inside the product.You will see just Toon inside the installment but in screen shots its publisher gives two players but there is a one player inside the version.It is also known as Tiny Toon Adventures Busters Hidden Treasure.If you will find it on google then you will get a cop of this version.There are two installments of same name and they are fully same but One is Actual and another is copy and It is a good news for my users that I am providing you actual product.There are many stages inside the game.When We will pass a stage then you will brought steps.When you will pass 1 stage then There will be another step will be appear then you will need to choose 2nd step then your second stage will be Start after it one by one stages and steps will be come.There are many places inside the installment on which we will pass our stages.1 place will be Simple Forest place and 2nd will be A huge Wood type, 3rd in water,4th in Depth Forest 5th will be some robots type, 6th will be Snow stages and last stage type is not remembered yet.This is a bonus stage also available inside the product.You will find bonus stages on many places and in hid places.You will need to find it.bonus stage will included with chances and ring and many other thing and hope that you know also.you can play it online.
System Requirements!
Pentium 2
Ram 128MB
Space 10Mb
VGA Card 4MB
Windows XP,Vista,7,8

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