Golden Axe Game

Golden Axe is an Action,Fighting and Arcade Game.It is a Video Game for Pc.It is a small fighting File.It was published by Sega and released in 1989.It is a Sega product.First i tell you the some Main requirements of Golden Axe.It will not work on windows 7 or windows 8.Because It works on 16 Colors.And Windows 7 & 8 does not have 16 Colors.That's why it will not work on windows 7 & 8.It will work on windows Xp, Windows 98 and windows me.The Windows 98 and me had been finished.No one uses these windows now a days.I have also played this amazing game.It contains on 4 players.It does not have high graphics.It will also work on low PC.It will take less Space.I hope that you will enjoy this game.I played this game when i was 10 years.I was thought that  Street Fighters 2 has same features to Golden Axe.First Download this game, then extract it and enjoy.

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